If you have a project with many moving parts and need someone to keep everyone on task and make sure nothing is missed, look no further, I’ve got this.

From an early age, I thrived on making lists, checking things off and making sure everything perfect. Perhaps a little obsessive about the details and definitely a Type A personality.

After college, I accepted a job at Clear Channel Radio as a sales and marketing assistant but very quickly, the team needed help managing the content on the websites and finding new, ways to make revenue via non-traditional means. I said, “I can do that.” (Did I mention that Debbie hired me?) And, at that time, we felt we invented the internet, by launching a successful, quarterly online auction. What I loved most about that project was that it was my first exposure to the digital world and focusing on all the very tiny, seemingly minor details that went into building a program that was successful and replicated across the country. If one item on the list was missed, it would not have worked.

Later, I went on to work at WHEC-TV as their Website and Social Media Director. I worked in the newsroom writing content and managing and directing our online presence (when that really did not exist). There, I got to focus on my passion, which was writing and educating my colleagues on digital trends, best practices and the important of your digital brand.

Since then, I’ve worked as Digital Content and Project Manager at Frontier Communications and most recently as a Digital Marketing Specialist for Hoselton Auto Mall prior to joining D2 Media.

I chose to work for Debbie and Darcy because I believe in strong women, specifically these two women. They are pioneers in the media and marketing landscape and they are great people. They have a breadth of knowledge and focus every minute of the day on finding and creating the best strategies and solutions for the business they work with. When you meet them, it’s hard not to get excited about the future and you instantly feel their passion.

Kristen's Strengths
• Discipline
• Consistency
• Responsibility
• Achiever
• Harmony

We understand a wide range of industries and customers and can help to put your mind at ease…. helping you navigate the maze of media today.

We Are D2

Darcy Garbin & Debbie Pontera