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Mary F. Holleran, Senior VP of Communications at Rochester Area Community Foundation Rochester, NY

We started working with D2 Media almost a year ago. We were launching our first-ever Awareness Campaign and had so much to learn. To do this right and spend the money we allotted wisely, we had lots of questions for each of the three media-buying agencies we interviewed. Debbie and Darcy were exceptionally patient and didn’t mind “playing instructor” as they walked us through how they would do the work.

Their credentials, connections, and real-world experience in the field were impressive. They were clear from the start that they would get the best placements for our dollars — and more. That has been the case ever since.

We wanted a billboard, they got us one in a prime position, plus a bonus board that floats around (obviously more eyes in more places). In April we had a cold call offering us unsold digital banner ads on Wall Street Journal or New York Times for a set cost per month that reached only readers from our area. In an effort to get an even better deal, D2 reached out to a local vendor and found an even better package that got our message on 10 national news platforms for local subscribers only for a few bucks more a month and more impressions. After the first week, they suggested that we add a call to action to the ads to improve the click-through rate and impressions — and that worked.

We get monthly updates on our media buys, which have been very helpful in keeping our Management Team and board in the loop. One small thing that I appreciate is that they have all the invoices sent to them. They review first to make sure we are not being over-charged and then, once approved, send to me to process payments.

The team is always available (response time is generally within an hour), and no question is out of bounds. They are always happy to explain in more detail so that we fully understand.

This has been a terrific partnership and we look forward to planning our second year of media-buying with them in the Fall.

Don Meissner, President of Don Meissner Productions Rochester, NY

On behalf of the Town of Massena, Don Meissner and I are happy to provide a letter of recommendation.

We were able to secure D2 Media Team’s services for a Market NY media buying campaign that provided the Town of Massena with media buys, account service skills, and overall execution of the plan to increase awareness of the town and the events that were held in the Summer 2022 tournament season.

This effort provided us with the opportunity to work closely with a truly professional firm that increased the awareness of the tournament season, generated greater attendance figures for the activities that were held, and provided the town with a greater sense of what might be possible, simply by creating a successful ad campaign that drew visitors and locals to the Massena Intake.

Overall, we were impressed with the work performance, compliance with contract requirements, attention to detail, satisfactory work completion, and your knowledge of the industry in which you work. Your personality inspired the confidence that we needed going forward. We feel confident that your involvement with our campaign generated the successful outcome that we needed to bring greater attendance to our events.

In conclusion, we were extremely fortunate to have your firm guiding the overall media buying process, and we would not hesitate to secure your services in future for media work associated with promotion. We are grateful that your firm provided such quality and timely services, and we wish you every success with this and all future endeavors.

Jim Prinzi, Former Chief Marketing Officer Monro, Inc. Rochester, NY

It is my pleasure to recommend D2 Media Team for media buying and planning, traditional and digital advertising, and execution.

Their expertise and exceptional service is a significant factor in the marketing team’s success at Monro, Inc., where I directed multi-channel advertising campaigns for 25 years, 13 years as chief marketing officer. For 16 of those years, Darcy was my exclusive media buyer. Her annual budget exceeded $2 million.

During that time Monro grew from a medium-sized, one-brand chain with 300 stores into the nation’s largest independent auto service company with $2 billion in annual sales, 1,200 locations in 32 states, and eight regional store brands. The challenge of making effective and efficient media buys for an organization of this size and complexity is considerable, but one which Darcy handles with confidence and professionalism.

Having a media buyer you can rely on completely no matter the lead time is a competitive advantage, one I never took for granted. I am confident that you will be just as pleased with D2 Media Team's service and advice.

Michael Haymes, President of Authorized Kohler Luxe Stone Shower Dealer Rochester, NY

My business partner and I have had the pleasure of working with Debbie and Darcy of D2 Media Team since 2021. We were launching a new custom shower and bath business and wanted to make an immediate impact in both the Rochester and Buffalo markets.

Within the first few conversations with D2 Media, it was clear to me that we chose the right team to help launch our business. One of the challenges we had to face was in representing a large, national brand but localizing the name to both Rochester and Buffalo. The D2 team was instrumental in branding our business and maximizing our budget by negotiating the best value from our media partners in Western New York, which included securing all available added value in both markets.

On a personal level, I enjoy working with both Debbie and Darcy. They are always advocating on our behalf and looking for unique and cost-effective ways to gain market share.

Mark Lazeroff, Owner of Wonder Windows Rochester, NY

I have had the opportunity to work with the D2 Media Team since early 2021. As we looked to grow our existing business, we knew we needed a great strategy and even better execution to help us achieve our business objectives. In the first year of working with Debbie and Darcy at D2 Media, we saw a 50% increase. I believe in results and the increase we saw speaks for itself. They have earned my trust and respect. It’s because of our relationship, their ability to negotiate the best rates and added value and the success we’ve seen with D2’s strategy, that we once again reached out to them to help us with our new business, Wonder Bathrooms & Showers. I have enjoyed working with both Darcy and Debbie and appreciate their thoughtfulness on both a professional and personal level.

Trish Hohman | Practice Administrator, Helendale Dermatology Rochester, NY

Our team has had the pleasure of working with D2 Media for over a year and we are very pleased with the results and lift in sales we have seen.

When choosing a marketing team, it was important for us to partner with someone who understands the needs of our practice, what sets us apart and can adapt to the ever-changing needs of our business.

When we made the decision to hire D2 Media, we were looking for a team that was strategic, could execute a multi-faceted traditional and digital strategy and marketing professionals who felt more like part of our internal team. The team consistently goes above and beyond for Helendale, including taking ownership of our co-op process to ensure we no marketing funds are left on the table. D2 stepped in and took it upon themselves to make it happen, allowing us to receive max reimbursement; this also allowed our team to focus on the day-to-day operations of the practice.

Darcy, Kristen and Debbie are responsive, attentive, thoughtful and always go above and beyond for the team at Helendale Dermatology. If you are looking for a group that truly embodies the team mentality and grow your business, it’s my pleasure to recommend D2 Media Team.

Jody Stolt Rochester, NY

It is my pleasure to recommend the Marketing and Media buying services of D2 Media Team. Over the last few months our company worked directly with D2 Media on a recruitment campaign in Rochester and several other markets.

D2 Media offers strong market and media knowledge, strategic planning, and hands on customer service during the process. We have received a 20%+ uptick in our applications during our campaign and are pleased with the quality of the leads. We believe D2 Media’s experience, buying power and campaign strategy led to the results.

Please consider D2 Media Team for your marketing needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again. 


Jody Stolt

Director of Training and Recruitment Paychex

Kelly E. Beauchamp Rochester, NY

I have had the pleasure of working with D2 Media for almost a year and I am incredibly happy with the results our campaigns have seen, but more importantly with the relationship that we are building. I consider them essential members to our team.

When I first began working with D2, I was in the same situation that many marketers where because of Covid. We had to rethink how to redirect our marketing and branding efforts in a remote world.

After meeting to review our needs, Darcy, Kristen and the team at D2 were very strategic, and thoughtfully made recommendations and created a plan that has exceeded my expectations these past few months. Their reporting is phenomenal, and their ability to make suggestions to enhance or change a campaign when I am not sure what I need to do, is a game changer for our digital marketing initiatives.

I highly recommend D2 Media, they will become a member of your team and guide you along a path of successful marketing. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Very truly yours,


Kelly E. Beauchamp

Marketing Director

Zachary A. Mattiacio Rochester, NY

Throughout the last couple years of working with D2 Media, they have exceeded every expectation I had for our advertising agency. Each member of the D2 Team has a unique background and skillset. From schedule design and negotiating the buy to creative feedback and schedule management, they are an invaluable extension to our team here at Ziebart.

They are extremely hard workers that do not subscribe to a set it and forget it marketing model. Rather, they proactively manage our advertising and reach out as frequently as needed. I have been with several other marketing agencies and D2 has set their selves apart as far better at every one of our marketing objectives.

I cannot say enough about how much they go above and beyond for us and how happy I am with the entire team at D2 Media. I invite you to call me anytime to provide further details on my experience with D2 Media.


Thank you,

Zachary A. Mattiacio

Senior Vice President

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