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Jody Stolt Rochester, NY - Sep 13, 2021

It is my pleasure to recommend the Marketing and Media buying services of D2 Media Team. Over the last few months our company worked directly with D2 Media on a recruitment campaign in Rochester and several other markets.

D2 Media offers strong market and media knowledge, strategic planning, and hands on customer service during the process. We have received a 20%+ uptick in our applications during our campaign and are pleased with the quality of the leads. We believe D2 Media’s experience, buying power and campaign strategy led to the results.

Please consider D2 Media Team for your marketing needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again. 


Jody Stolt

Director of Training and Recruitment Paychex

Kelly E. Beauchamp Rochester, NY - Sep 13, 2021

I have had the pleasure of working with D2 Media for almost a year and I am incredibly happy with the results our campaigns have seen, but more importantly with the relationship that we are building. I consider them essential members to our team.

When I first began working with D2, I was in the same situation that many marketers where because of Covid. We had to rethink how to redirect our marketing and branding efforts in a remote world.

After meeting to review our needs, Darcy, Kristen and the team at D2 were very strategic, and thoughtfully made recommendations and created a plan that has exceeded my expectations these past few months. Their reporting is phenomenal, and their ability to make suggestions to enhance or change a campaign when I am not sure what I need to do, is a game changer for our digital marketing initiatives.

I highly recommend D2 Media, they will become a member of your team and guide you along a path of successful marketing. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Very truly yours,


Kelly E. Beauchamp

Marketing Director

Zachary A. Mattiacio Rochester, NY - Sep 7, 2021

Throughout the last couple years of working with D2 Media, they have exceeded every expectation I had for our advertising agency. Each member of the D2 Team has a unique background and skillset. From schedule design and negotiating the buy to creative feedback and schedule management, they are an invaluable extension to our team here at Ziebart.

They are extremely hard workers that do not subscribe to a set it and forget it marketing model. Rather, they proactively manage our advertising and reach out as frequently as needed. I have been with several other marketing agencies and D2 has set their selves apart as far better at every one of our marketing objectives.

I cannot say enough about how much they go above and beyond for us and how happy I am with the entire team at D2 Media. I invite you to call me anytime to provide further details on my experience with D2 Media.


Thank you,

Zachary A. Mattiacio

Senior Vice President

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