The D2 Media Team is a full-service NYS WBE-certified advertising agency built by two experienced talented women who have worked in media and marketing for over 30+ years. Our agency is driven to get the best results for our clients. We use our collective experience and knowledge to help our clients build winning strategies. We ask a lot of questions and then roll up our sleeves to develop a solid, results-driven plan. Whether it’s digital media, traditional advertising and marketing, branding, lead gen and creative, or a blend of all of the above, we are happiest when our clients are winning! Our model is Simple. We hand-select the Best Media Partners in the Business to provide you with your Advertising Dream team.

Meet the Team:

Debbie Pontera
Managing Partner

Darcy Garbin
Managing Partner

Jessica Coyne
Marketing Coordinator

Coleen Emblidge
Managing Partner

Pete Kennedy
Business Development Manager

Sarah Lunn
Special Projects Manager

Erin Emblidge
Account Manager

Karylin LeBeau
Account Manager

We understand a wide range of industries and customers and can help to put your mind at ease…. helping you navigate the maze of media today.

We Are D2

Darcy Garbin & Debbie Pontera