Last week my partner and I developed a 12-month branding campaign for a multi-market law firm. The energy in the room was contagious! We rolled up our sleeves, dove into data and research to build a killer strategy for our client!

Advertising Strategy is necessary for a business to grow and maintain visibility in the market. Successful brands take advertising very seriously as a revenue driver and budget for it appropriately. Businesses who fail to see the benefits of advertising often allocate little funds to campaigns which leads to little growth.

A marketing plan is a great way to profile your target market, identify how to relate to them and strategically allocate funds to necessary channels at specific times of the year. Age groups have totally different psychological processes and behavioral patterns based on economic factors and progressing technologies. Even if you are marketing to everyone from Baby Boomers to Millennials, you have to segment these audiences to effectively capture their attention.

Advertising techniques vary according to business types and markets. If you sell products that vary upon seasons it may be best to save a bulk of your advertising budget for right before this season kicks in to maximize sales. For example, running a marketing campaign for air conditioner in the wintertime will not lead to positive sales no matter how good your marketing may be.

At the end of the day any successful advertising campaign runs on an established budget and being cost effective can maximize this dollar value. No matter how many marketing tactics you implement if the ROI is negative then the results will never make up for the amount of money spent. Good budgeting for an advertising strategy comes from forecasting and experience.

An advertising strategy goes beyond just throwing money at tv, radio, print, digital and social media. A great plan focuses on the psychology behind “why” a certain strategy fits your business goals and reaches your potential customers. We look into multiple components to build a winning strategy.

The 5 components D2 Media includes in all our roadmaps are:

  • Bullseye Targeting your Ideal Customers
  • Researching your Competition and Industry
  • Creating a Compelling Message
  • Select the Best Media Channels to Advertise
  • Negotiating the Lowest Price for ROI

Talk with us today so we can roll our sleeves up to create a custom strategy that will pay dividends for your business tomorrow!