While it may feel like we just celebrated New Year’s, we are already into Q2 2022! An important question to ask yourself – have you completed your 90-day marketing review?
A quarterly marketing review is essential for your business! It allows you to determine what tactics are working – and not working – so you can quickly pivot strategy if need be.
Why Every 90 Days?
As we’ve seen since March 2020, the demand for products and services can change drastically overnight. Evaluating every 90 days allows your team time to make the necessary changes to meet the needs of consumers. This is also the time to review your ideal customer, market conditions and competitors as they may have shifted. As the market shifts your strategy may need adjustments. It's crucial to have a marketing partner who excels at strategy, thrives on making vendors and market conditions work in your favor and adapting quickly to changing times.
90-Day Review Focus

  • Progress Towards Goals -- At the end of 2021, you set goals and objectives for 2022; how are you progressing towards your goals? Are you excelling towards some and not others...could you use a boost towards all business objectives? Have your goals changed 3 months into the new year?
  • What’s Your ROI? – Do you current marketing activities help the business achieve its overall goals? Are you seeing new leads/sales and how much are you spending per lead? If you’re seeing new business from particular channels, this is where you should do a deep dive in your KPIs to see if it’s worth shifting or adding dollars to where you’re seeing growth.
  • Review Your KPIs – This is a great way to review your progress quarter over quarter or year over year. You might have implemented an organic social media campaign and want to see its impact on your followers. Perhaps you invested additional dollars into traditional media and want to review the growth of your organic and direct website traffic. KPIs will allow you to truly see how your marketing strategy is working, so don’t slack on reviewing them! 
  • Check in With Your Team -- As much as you want to focus on your business, make sure to check in with your employees, too! Listen to their questions, comments and concerns. Allow them to share their ideas as they could be thinking about something that has never crossed your mind! Not only will this help you, but it will also boost office morale and create a more open office culture.
  • Check Out the Competition – Look at what they’re doing or new tactics they’ve added and learn from them. If possible, see what their customers are saying about them. This can allow you to adapt and step in to influence them to make the switch to your company!

Keys to Success
A quarterly review is necessary but doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you should keep it simple! Set goals, create a strategy, build a plan and set 90-day check-ins to review how you are performing towards your goal.
The D2 Media Difference
The D2 Media difference is simple and SMART! We are exceptional at strategy and execution. At the 90-day mark, we will meet with you in person to review your annual goals, analyze current market conditions and make any necessary adjustments. We remember to celebrate the wins along the way but never lose sight of the campaign’s goals. We never set and forget anything we do! Where most agencies drop the ball after the check has cleared, we lived in the details of your strategy and ensuring all tactics are perfectly executed.
We’re ready to get to work…are you? Call us today at 585-825-2222 for more information on how we can help your team WIN!