Who doesn’t love spring? Especially those of us in WNY who leans on a silly ground hog named Phil for signs of how soon spring will arrive and when we can count on businesses to begin to shine and gain momentum and sales. This year we were faced with a storm much colder than any winter we have ever experienced, Covid19.

Covid19 has impacted global health, lives and families.

It has drastically impacted businesses with immediate closing of restaurants, retail, entertainment, home improvement and other non-essential businesses.

As an Advertising Agency D2 Media Team has been in very close contact with our clients. Anxiety is high and everyone is feeling it. For people like us who need a plan, there are no weekly plans, only daily and hourly plans these days. “What can I accomplish today and who can I help.” D2 Media thrives in challenging times and we see it as opportunity, but we know not everyone reacts to change well and we have to temper ourselves to meet our customers where they are.

Here are some tips on helping clients in challenging times.

  1. Show them You Care. Everyone is being impacted differently by this virus. Listen more than you talk. Each day news can impact people differently and one day may be good and the next not. Listen for clues on how you can help them or offer them hope.
  2. Act Like a Duck. If you are anxious yourself don’t show it! Ducks glide across the water in effortless fashion but underneath they are paddling like hell to stay afloat! Remain calm.
  3. Communicate, Communicate and Communicate! We are all working from home but this is not the time to stop communicating. Send your clients update on projects, share information and offer ideas they can try. Zoom, Facetime or call more than you think you should. They will remember this when we get through it.
  4. Data Tells a Story. Data can be reassuring to business owners to see signs of progress. Spend down time researching your client’s industry trends, top performers, creative strategies, analytics etc. What is working for others? This data will help build hope and shape a re-open strategy.
  5. BONUS Tip – Belief. If you believe it will get better – it will! Belief is powerful and contagious! Whenever you speak to customers make sure they feel it. Positive energy is productive energy!

None of us knows how long this epidemic will last. How you behave today can strengthen your value and partnership with your customers tomorrow!

We wish you well.