Do you know your SWOT?

Where do you stack up with your current competitors and what is your company’s SWOT? (Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

Understand who you are trying to reach, are your current channels reaching them effectively?  Familiarize yourself with the current trends and review previous buying behaviors of your customers and history of their purchases.  Are these two ideas in line with who, and how you are marketing your business? And if so, what can I change to help promote my business and reach my audience even more? This is a good time to make a list of what you do well, and where your opportunities are.  If the answer is no, now is the time to narrow in on your target audience and what channels are going to successfully reach them. Consider the phrase “live in the offense”. Understanding your competitors is important, but doubling down on what you do best, and profoundly knowing your customers wants, will bring forth and help you build your most successful marketing strategy.

Establish your objectives and set your intentions.

How can you improve on setting and achieving goals put in place for the new year? Determine what goals were reached and what avenue got you there and start thinking about how you can capitalize on that this year.  Then focus on goals that may have not been met last year and prioritize those. This is also a great time to evaluate your budget and make sure it was executed in the most effective way to promote your business.

Act Now!

Marketing your business can be overwhelming. Now is your time to start getting motivated. Gathering data, assessing it, and implementing new plans can seem complicated especially when there are ever-changing elements in the media world. It’s important to find the right media team who can take their time to have careful and deep analysis of your business’ overall picture and who are experts in growing brands and businesses with a proven SMART system.  Focusing on these ideas in the next 60 days will ensure you have the most effective marketing plan in place heading into 2024.  Now is the time to start! Sufficient time will allow your media team to start putting in the work to personalize your plan and ensure your upcoming year’s success.

Why D2?

Our core is to build successful marketing campaigns to help our clients WIN! We roll up our sleeves, learn your business and build a plan to deliver results that have unique strategies and objectives. We have a proven SMART system that works! D2 Media is a team with expertise, knowledge and experience in bringing businesses to the next level. We know at D2 it begins and ends with trust.

We are excited to start the conversation with you. Where do you see yourself next year? Let us get you there!