We are 3 weeks into 2021 and D2 Media is re-energized and back to rolling up our sleeves after a few days off with our families over the holidays. But…that’s not 100% true – we actually never stopped working during that time.
What is and has been the most important to us, is our clients, their needs and how we can better serve them – regardless of the time on the clock or calendar date. If you email, we reply. If you call us, we always answer the phone.
That’s what sets us apart from others – the service we provide after you choose to work with us. We don’t know how to turn off or stop working on fine-tuning every aspect of your campaign. It’s not bragging when it’s the truth – you can check our references 😊
If you have a question on any aspect of your campaigns, we’re here for you and will get you an answer. You want to learn how to read you website analytics so you can see the impact your TV schedule is having on your website? We will walk you through it. You want to change your messaging mid-campaign because you have an unexpected sale happening? We’ll take care it!
We work so well in the “what ifs” because for us, there aren’t any. We are always available and accessible when you need us. Not to be cliché, but it’s very similar to the stock market -- you need to be constantly monitoring and strategizing your next move.
When we launch a campaign, take TV for example, we don’t simply set a budget, let the commercials run and see how it turned out in six months. We are constantly reviewing spot times and station deliverables. We are asking for added value and promotional opportunities on top of everything else. Right after launch and during, we are measuring website analytics to see the lift from our paid media efforts and making adjustments. Are we getting additional website form fills, increase in chat volume or more phone calls. We simply don’t stop. And we never “set and forget” anything that we do.
You may have worked with other agencies that said they would be there for you, only to work with one account executive after the next or have to ask for monthly reporting or call repeatedly to find out if your money is being well spent. Not with D2.
When you choose to work with us, you are working with directly Debbie and Darcy. From initial strategy, to recommendations, to getting your campaigns started, through campaign completion and recommendations for the next. Yes, we have a very small team that works alongside of us, but they are just as dedicated and handle the small details to ensure nothing is missed in the execution of your marketing campaigns.
It’s a new year, maybe it’s time to consider a new partner to help you continue building your successful business. We would love an opportunity to meet (or speak) with you about your goals for this year and we can personally help you achieve them.