With the summer winding down, believe it or not, many are looking to squeeze in those last few weeks of warmth and sunshine with family and friends. With corporate burnout on the rise and the summer season dwindling, it’s important to take time for yourself but to do so intentionally.

Of course, we all want a few lazy days by the pool or drinking coffee with a good book, but several recent studies have shown that those who plan for their time off found that time more restful and personally productive.

How can you be intentional? Just make a list!

Whether it’s to finally go through that closet of old clothes, reorganize the fridge, or see friends out of town, start by writing it down. Research has show this “proactive recovery time” can be more beneficial and make individuals happier than passive recovery time (staying in your pajamas all day).
But it’s important to be flexible and not to treat these vacation goals as a must do to-do list but rather a fluid idea of how to plan your rest and recovery days.