We are experts in TV & Cable Advertising!   

Cable and Broadcast are two weapons to drive different results.

We strategically use Broadcast to provide Reach! Buying TV is a little art and a little science.

We use Neilson and other new measurement tools to negotiate a high reach campaign. We use our relationships with TV companies to find unique sponsorships and added value opportunities to extend your reach and add a level of frequency. TV is still alive and well. We know how to buy it right to deliver HIGH ROI.

We love Cable TV! Cable offers the ability to buy frequency and add targeting to TV. Buying Cable is a little science and a lot of art! We identify your prime marketing area and use set top box data to target the right customers! With our inside knowledge we use a proven results cable formula to build a high impact campaign. Cable has a lot to offer and can be overwhelming to buy. We get cable and we can simplify the process to drive HIGH ROI.

We understand a wide range of industries and customers and can help to put your mind at ease…. helping you navigate the maze of media today.

We Are D2

Darcy Garbin & Debbie Pontera